Meet the
Leader of the Pack

Gabe used to live the office life grind. Although she enjoyed success as a graphic designer and she loved working with creative people, she loathed the structure of a 9-to-5. When she thought about her favorite jobs they all took her outside or had her in motion.

So after her daughter came along and she was out of the office, she really couldn’t see going back.

When she started walking dogs it was a part-time “mom job” but it grew to be so much more. The dogs she created relationships with became like her own kids and with her passion for animals the business naturally grew by word of mouth.

Now Gabe finds herself working as a dog walker, dog and cat sitter, dog whisperer, food consultant, health consultant, behaviorist, sickness advisor, chauffeur for dogs… you get so much more than a dog walker when you join Gabe’s Pack, you get a pet care specialist who keeps tabs on your furry family members health and happiness.

Along with Gabe, there are a few equally pet-obsessed women who
take care of your furry family. Karen, Adrienne, and Lin Z are well-
respected members of the Queen Anne Dog Walking Pack. Never any
outside contractors, so you won’t have people you don’t know in your

As with Gabe, the crew all are Pet CPR/First Aid trained and have proven track records of delighted clients (the dogs and their owners. (In fact, check out our testimonials throughout our site and via social media).

If you don’t have time to walk the dog yourself or you’d like your dog to get some extra socializing time with their neighborhood dog pals, then let Queen Anne Dog Walking take that off your plate. You can feel good knowing that we make it easy to have an exercised, happy dog and that the family dogs and cats are well cared for when you are away.


Our photos are a big hit with clients. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the photography we share, please drop us an email.

check out what our loving clients say about us


We love working with Queen Anne Dog Walking because of their professionalism, dependability, and thoughtfulness shown to our dogs. Not only am I happy, but our two dogs are the happiest. I like receiving walk updates and important info on our doggies and the things they do on their walks, including adorable photos. I like QADW’s invoicing and payment system as well. I have recommended their services to many friends and they all say the same thing “I love Queen Anne Dog Walking and so do my dogs.”
– Frances G.

I have been using Queen Anne Dog Walking for about 3 years now and I am absolutely ecstatic with the service! Both Gabe and Adrienne have become trusted friends. Those two words, “trusted” and “friends” I don’t throw about lightly. My dogs are precious to me and I don’t trust their well-being and safety with many people, but I trust Gabe and Adrienne, without hesitation! This is huge for any dog owner. They are also extremely flexible and easy to work with, which I very much appreciate.
– Toni B.

Would highly recommend Queen Anne Dog Walking for anyone looking to provide their pet opportunities for both activity and positive experiences with other dogs. The dog walkers really do put in the time to match up dogs that interact well together and scheduling options work really well for working couples or those with limited time/options for providing play time and activity for their dog during the day. The dog walkers are also open to sharing observations they have with our dog and have provided suggestions at various times for training and general wellness options available in the area.
– Marcos R.